Pub Street in Siem Reap

Officially titled “Street 8”, Pub Street is the center of action as the night falls in Siem Reap. The street, starting off at the Red Piano Restaurant and ending at the Banana Leaf Restaurant, is a 100m stretch of road speckled with neon lit clubs, bars, restaurants, and vendors.

Visitors to Pub Street now enjoy a much improved experience thanks to the renovation of the street and paveway. After being completed during the Covid period, its new sewerage system ensures that there’s no discomfort during rainy weather.

Located in the heart of the city nearby to the beautiful Siem Reap river and various markets, Pub Street is where backpackers from all over the world gather and dance the night away. It can be thought of as a more tame version of Bangkok’s Khaosan Road, but just as fun nonetheless. Come nighttime, the road is blocked off to traffic, making it a relaxing and safe place to stroll, dance, and let loose. With a wide variety of culinary treats ranging from Khmer specialties to Western favorites offered in food trucks, 75 cent drought beers, and crispy insect munchies to indulge in, you can spend your entire night on this lively street and never run out of things to do.

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